About Me

Charlie Smith San Clemente City Council

My name is Charlie Smith and I am seeking your vote for San Clemente City Council. I would be honored to serve my community in this capacity.

Beach, Parks, and Recreation CommissionFor the last four years, I have had the privilege of serving the people of San Clemente on the City’s Beach, Parks & Recreation Commission, seeking to preserve San Clemente’s natural beauty and enhance our community’s quality of life. I’m proud to report that during my tenure the Commission has expanded pickleball facilities, established a tailored master plan, ended the use of Round-Up in all City parks, and accomplished other important community enhancement priorities. My long experience on the Commission has given me a unique insight on what makes San Clemente special and will allow me to keep the Council focused on protecting and enhancing these valuable community assets.

US Army RangerAs a soldier in the U.S. Army’s direct action force for the U.S. Armed Forces Special Operations Command (75th Ranger Regiment (3rd Battalion) — “Airborne Rangers”), I learned to remain calm and collected in complex and stressful situations. Now more than ever, the San Clemente City Council needs leadership that has these traits, especially in today’s difficult political environment. I will be dedicated to providing that edge to the Council.

Republican Party ServiceAfter my military service, I joined and actively participated in the USC College Republicans. I eventually had the privilege of leading that campus organization as its Chairman, then as Chairman of the California College Republicans, and later as the National Secretary of the College Republican National Committee. I am grateful for my time working in the Republican party. The insight and experience I gained there taught me that governing is anything but easy, but it can be done if people are willing to listen to each other, work together, and find common ground.

Financial LeadershipI have significant financial education (BS in Business Administration from USC, MBA from the University of Rochester, CFA charter holder), and 20+ years of experience in finance, banking, wealth management, asset management. My professional background will allow me to assist the Council and the City in complex financial matters. I will always advocate for fiscal conservatism to keep the City on a sound financial footing. My banking career has included opportunities to work with federal regulators, which in turn has given me a strong understanding of how to navigate state and federal law. This will be an important skill set to have on the Council, as some City needs can be more readily resolved by working with state and federal entities for long term solutions. Finally, I have strong experience in reviewing and negotiating legal contracts, something that is critical to efficient and effective local government.

Local NeedsMy family and I have long been involved in the San Clemente community and our local church, managing our congregation’s financial affairs, leading church councils, and caring for those in need. In particular, for the last two years, I have spearheaded the church’s efforts to address the needs of the San Clemente’s transient population, providing me with a unique awareness of this growing and concerning issue. This local service requires a high level of collaboration and respect – skills that will help foster healthy communication on the City Council.

We Love our CommunityMy family is supportive of my run for City Council, and their support provides me with great stability. My wife Allison and I have been happily married for over 20 years. Allison is a San Clemente native and was the first in our family to serve this community when she was the ASB President of San Clemente High School. She has continued to lead by example, serving our community’s children as PTA President at Marblehead Elementary for two years. Together we have worked in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for over seven years, where we’ve raised one Eagle Scout and have another on the way. We love our community, our faith, and our traditional values. We are eager to ensure that San Clemente maintains its Spanish Village by the Sea charm for our family, and for generations to come. Please vote for me in November, and my family and I will make that goal the number one priority of my Council service.

Thank you for your consideration.
Charlie Smith